Evening Menu

The Evening menu is served from 18:00 every day.


Soup of the day

kr. 1.500,-

Shellfish soup
Creamy shellfish soup, langoustine, scallops and prawns

kr. 2.400,-

Beets and Goat
Baked beets with goat cheese, nuts and strawberry dressing

kr. 2.200,-

With chili aioli, cashew nuts, parmesan cheese and rucola

kr. 2.400,-

Grilled langoustine, Icelandic skyr and wild herbs

kr. 2.800,-

From the Grill

Burger Aurora
150 gr. beef burger, bacon, Havarti cheese, red onion confit, lettuce, tomato chutney, mayo, potato fries and chili mayo

kr. 2.700,-

Pulled Beef
Grilled bread, with salad, pickled onions, tomatoes, chili aioli and fries

kr. 2.900,-

Fish & Chips
Cod, potato fries, tartar sauce and grilled lemon

kr. 3.200,-

Grilled chicken brease with risotto
Fresh garden salad, tomatoes and feta cheese

kr. 3.300,-

Light courses

Aurora Salad
Greens, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, mango, white mould cheese and herb dressing.
Choose to add chicken – kr. 300

kr. 2.600,-

Vegetable burger “Open”
Bean patty, greens, vegetables, sweet potato fries and black garlic mayo

kr. 2.600,-

Main Courses

Catch of the day
Fresh fish of the day – ask the waiter!

kr. 3.600,-

Grilled salmon, creamed barley, garden salad and herbs

kr. 4.200,-

Beef Béarnaise or Pepper sauce
Tenderloin of beef, mushrooms, roasted vegetables, Hasselback potatoes &
Choice of Béarnaise or pepper sauce

kr. 6.500,-

Lamb “Sirloin”
Grilled lamb, roasted vegetables, peppercorn sauce and pommes Anna

kr. 5.800,-

Reindeer medallions
With pears poached in red wine, sugared potatoes, mushrooms and demi glaze sauce

kr. 7.200,-

On the side

Side Salad

kr. 850,-

Potato Fries

kr. 850,-

Sweet Potato Fries

kr. 850,-


Kr. 1.800,- per course

Ice cream Aurora
From local farm Holtsel in Eyjafjörður. Mixed ice cream and berries

Warm chocolate cake
Vanilla ice-cream from Holtsel and strawberries

Almond Caramel Delight
Dates & almonds with caramel. Cream and berries

Blueberry mousse
Á la chef

Fresh fruit salad
With vanilla and anis syrup

Children’s menu

For children 12 years and younger. Price ISK 900,- per course.
Ice cream for every child included

Meat balls
for the youngest

Egg noodles
Chicken and vegetables

Fries and ketchup

Fish & Chips
Served with ketchup