Evening Menu

The Evening menu is served from 17:00 –  21:00 every day.

Selection du Chef
Three course menu

kr. 7.900,-


Creamy Seafood Soup
Lobster, smoked haddock , lemon grass, cream cheese

kr. 2.290,-

Hot smoked Arctic Char
Apples, red beets, sesam tuille, dill mayo

kr. 2.390,-

Slow cooked Porkbelly
Jerusalem artichokes, mustard seeds, madeira

kr. 2.390,-

Water cress, hazelnuts, tarragonmayo, parmesan, lemon

kr. 2.490,-

Aurora Classics

Aurora Chicken Salad
Romain lettuce, marinated chicken, soft boiled egg, croutons, feta cheese, tomato salsa, crispy quinoa, grapes, lime dressing

kr. 2.600,-

Chicken & Waffles
Bacon & cheddar waffle, crispy chicken thighs, sweet corn purée, estragon mayo, red chili syrup, scallions

kr. 2.550,-

Fish & Chips
Plaice in beer batter, homemade fries, grilled tomatoes, lemon, tartar sauce

kr. 2.550,-

Aurora Hamburger
150 gr beef hamburger, glazed bacon, tomato chutney, Búri cheese, fries, confit garlic aioli, vegan option

kr. 2.650,-

Open faced beef sandwich
Slow cooked beef, pickled cucumber, jerusalem artichokes, candied jalapeno, salad, fries, confit garlic aioli

kr. 2.650,-

Steak au Frites
250 grams of grilled Entrecôte, mushrooms, kale, fries, bearnaise

kr. 3.950,-

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Homemade French Fries
With either sea- or vinegar salt, it’s up to you! Confit garlic aioli

kr. 950,-

Sweet Potato Croquettes
Spiced grapes, whipped feta cheese, scallions, chili aioli

kr. 1.150,-

Avocado Toast
Grilled bread, avocado, spicy hummus, marinated tomatoes, crispy chickpeas, poached egg, salad

kr. 2.150,-

Baked Cheese & Dates
Gratinated cheese, apricot & pecan relish, bacon wrapped dates, spicy honey, grilled bread

kr. 2.150,-

Steamed Buns & Sweet Potatoes
You choose from two of our steamy buns
Sweet potato croquettes with whipped feta cheese, grapes, peanuts, scallions and confit garlic aioli comes with it.

  • Pulled duck leg, white cabbage, date relish
  • Glazed pork belly, carrots, mustard seeds
  • Pulled portobello, red onion, sesame seeds

kr. 2.650,-

Three types of Icelandic cheese, chorizo, pharma ham, marinated olives, pickled vegetables, tomato jam, crostini

kr. 3.150,-

Main Courses

Panfried Herb Crusted Salmon
Aspargus tempura, whipped potatoes, avocado, orange hollandaise

kr. 4.390,-

Panfried Cod
Creamy barley, green peas, cauliflower, shellfish sauce

kr. 4.290,-

Grilled chicken breast
Garlic mashed potatoes, grilled leek, chicken jus

kr. 4.390,-

Nut & Date Patty
Crispy aspargus, carrots, tomato salad, avocado chimmichurri

kr. 4.290,-

Grilled Lamb chops & Braised Lamb Shoulder
Celeriac, smoked ratte potatoes, mustard, lamb jus

kr. 5.690,-

Grilled Beef Tenderloin
Pommes Anna, caramelized onions,  jerusalem artichokes, carrots, madeira sauce

kr. 5.790,-


Kr. 1.890,- per course

Sundae Ice Cream
Salted caramel fudge, whipped cream, berries

Vanilla Créme Brulée
Toasted oats, blueberry ice cream

Warm Caramel Brownie
Caramel mousse, tonka bean anglaise, strawberries

Lemon Skyr Cheese Cake
Baked white chocolate, raspberries


Children’s menu

For children 6-12 years. Price ISK 900,- per course.
Children 5 years and younger – free of charge
Ice cream for every child included

Chicken breast
Mashed potatoes, salad, bbq sauce

Grilled sandwich
Ham, cheese, fries and ketchup

Cheese, salad on the side, fries and ketchup

Fish of the day
Mashed potatoes, mixed salad and ketchup