Evening Menu

The Evening menu is served from 18:00 every day.


Shellfish soup
Creamy shellfish soup with langoustine, scallop & herbs

kr. 1.500,-

Deepfried “Wasabi” Langoustine
With mango salad

kr. 1.900,-

Lightly smoked Cod
With herbs

kr. 1.900,-

With chili aioli & parmigiano reggiano

kr. 1.900,-

Duck Confit
With herb dressing, beetroot chips & orange

kr. 1.900,-

Burgers & Grill

Burger Aurora
150 gr. beef burger, bacon, Havarti cheese, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato chutney, mayo, potato fries & chili mayo

kr. 2.600,-

Pulled Duck Burger
Blue cheese, mushroom mix, rucola, red onion marmalade & sweet potato fries

kr. 2.800,-

Portobello Burger
Portobello mushroom, salad, white mold cheese, pickled red onion, black garlic mayo
& sweet potato fries

kr. 2.600,-

Vegan Patties
Grilled sweet potato patties, salad, yellow ketchup & sweet potato fries

kr. 2.600,-

Beef Strips
Panfried beef in teriyaki on bread, salad, fried onion, chili aioli & fries

kr. 2.800,-

Fish & Chips
Deepfried Cod, fries, tartar sauce, & lemon mayo

kr. 2.800,-


Aurora Salad
Greens, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, blue cheese, berries and mixed seeds, strawberry vinaigrette and herb dressing

kr. 2.200,-

Chicken Salad
Marinated chicken breast with romaine salad, tomatoes, cucumber, dates, parmigiano reggiano & lime-mustard dressing

kr. 2.600,-

Duck Salad
Grilled duck breast, apples, cranberries, glazed shallots, smoked cheddar, black garlic vinaigrette and herb dressing.

kr. 2.800,-

Main Courses

Choose your main course and three side dishes

Fish of day
Ask the waiter!

kr. 3.600,-

Grilled chicken breast
Risotto, mushrooms & parmigiano reggiano flakes

kr. 4.100,-

Panfried Salmon in herb crust
Sweet potato mousse & salad

kr. 4.100,-

Grilled Lamb
Baked potato mousse, beetroot jelly, carrots & wild mushroom sauce

kr. 5.500,-

Beef Tenderloin & Bernaise
French fries, onion rings & béarnaise sauce

kr. 5.200,-

Beef Tenderloin
Fondant potato, black root puree butter fried mushrooms, pearl onion & red wine sauce

kr. 5.500,-


Kr. 1.800,- per course

Ice cream Aurora
Ice cream from local farm Holtsel in Eyjafjörður with berries

Brown Cheese cake & White chocolate cream
Ice cream & berries

Caramel Chocolate mousse
With berries and caramel-chcocolate sauce

Warm Chocolate Cake
With ice cream

Ice cream roll Aurora
With berry sauce


Fruit salad
With anise syrup


Children’s menu

For children 12 years and younger. Price ISK 900,- per course.
Ice cream for every child included

Meat balls
for the youngest

Egg noodles
Chicken and vegetables

Fries and ketchup

Fish & Chips
Served with ketchup